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Four Horsemen – Gaining Immense Popularity  

The four horsemen is a delicious cocktail which contains four strong liquors. This drink was named after the Apocalypse Four Horsemen. There is a fact related with the origination of its name, it is that the ingredients used to prepare the drink have male names. This particular drink is very rich in alcoholic content, therefore tends to have strong impact on human physiology.

The Four Horsemen Variants includes the following:

  • Pure Whiskey – Jameson whiskey is mostly used, it also retains the theme of J.
  • Go Hunting Four Horsemen – This includes a wild turkey’s small part to add more aromas to the drink.
  • Hell Follows and Four Horsemen – This includes Everclear which is added to the drink in the form of a small part.
  • Four Horsemen in a Boat – This includes Grand Marnier in order to add tangy twist to the cocktail.
  • Alternate Version – It contains some common variants such as jaegermeister, Gold Schlager, Bacardi 151 and Rumple Minze.
  • Torment Four Horsemen – This includes main five elements including jack Daniels (one shot), Jim Beam (one shot), Johnnie Walker (one Shot), Jose Cuero (one shot) and Bacardi 151 (one shot).
  • Three Spic and Hicks – The variants use George Dickel in place of Johnnie Walker.
  • Three Constituents variants – This includes the use of only three main ingredients and also known with the name of “Three Wise Men”. This is quite similar to go hunting four horsemen with a slight difference in the used ingredients.
  • Four Horsemen Flaming – This is a kind of variant in which the parts of the cocktail are poured into different shot glasses. The glasses are topped with flammable liquor like Everclear or Bacardi 151, poured above the glasses in a single line. Lighting only one glass sends the flame to go to all glasses in the line. The flame is then dived out and drunk.